Born in Ireland. "Every Breath You Take" and Superman III were number one. Thatcher and Reagan were in office. Madonna's first album came out.
Quit school at 13 but turned out ok I think...
2017- PhD Art Southampton Solent, UK.
2013-2016: MA Art History. Open University.
2006-2007: BA (Hons) Fine Art. GMIT Cluain Mhuire Galway, Ireland.
2003-2006: BA Art & Design. GMIT Cluain Mhuire Galway, Ireland.
2002: LSC Portfolio Preparation
2007: Final Degree Show: Stargazer. Galway, Ireland.
2009: Transient / 儚い. Kuwana, Japan.
2010: 'Blind Devotion' video. Kuwana, Japan.
2012: 六花園. Kuwana, Japan.
2013: 'The Seven Stars in Me'. Kuwana, Japan.
2014-present: Curator of children's exhibition. Nagoya, Japan.
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